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Downloading YO WhatsApp APK has become the choice for many more people.YO WhatsApp is different from the original WhatsApp in that its features always surprise users. Nowadays YO WhatsApp updated to V9.40 version. If you are looking for a more flexible and advanced mod, YoWhatsApp download is the perfect choice for you. This article will help you understand YoWhatsApp latest version more clearly.

Here is the link to download the 2022 latest YoWhatsapp Official version, and you can click it to enjoy YOWA.

👉yowhatsapp download APK official
yowhatsapp download APK official website

👉Whats is YoWhatsApp?
Yo WhatsApp is a mod version of the official WhatsApp. With the new version of YoWhatsApp you get a lot of extra features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. The biggest advantage of this application is that it gives a greater charm to the WhatsApp. With the YoWhatsApp mod you can customise themes, personalise your conversations with all your contacts and get a variety of emoji stickers to liven up your conversation. In addition, YoWhatsApp is also dedicated to protecting the privacy of each user. YoWhatsApp adds more privacy options to protect your private life.

Elusive Features of YoWhatsApp 

👉What’s The Difference with WhatsApp?
Built-in App Lock:When using WhatsApp, most users install a third party app locker to protect their data and privacy.Yowhatsapp does not require users to download a third party app again. It has a built-in app lock to protect your data more comprehensively and securely. You can even lock the entire app.

Customize themes:In YoWhatsApp, you can customise the themes and screens with your preferred style. It’s not just about providing options for you to customise, and you can also think outside the box and create your own themes to apply to YoWhatsApp. Doesn’t this feature sound like fun!

Send lots of media files:You can send pictures, audio, video, files etc. on WhatsApp. But if you want to send these media files in bulk, it is absolutely impossible on WhatsApp. You can download the yowhatsapp, which allows users to send up to 700MB of video.

Video to GIF up to 30 seconds:For the interesting feature of video to GIF, WhatsApp only allows 6 seconds of video to GIF. YoWhatsApp makes this time no longer short.

Uncompressed picture quality:This is an absolutely amazing feature for people who like to share their photos. When you send images for your friends to enjoy, your images are no longer compressed. And your friends can also enhance the resolution to view your images. In addition to this you can send up to 10 images at once.

Caller ID: We often receive phone calls from strangers. Some of these calls often have an ulterior motive. Such as sales, loans, sexual harassment, etc. If you want to reduce these calls without missing important ones, YOWhatsApp Caller ID is the perfect solution to this problem. This feature not only identifies unfamiliar calls, but also number counter-checking, blocking nuisance calls, which is very useful for dealing with nuisance calls and spam messages.